Venus Pharma GmbH Research Research


Venus Medicine Research Centre (VMRC), Germany is Research and Development wing of Venus Pharma GmbH. Situated in Werne, the heart of Germany, VMRC, a subsidiary of Venus Medicine Research Center , India will be completing nearly a decade in Dec, 2015. With motto of Execution with Excellence, this R&D wing has contributed significantly towards Intellectual property protection, GLP training and experimental design requirements of regulated markets.

VMRC, Germany is dedicated to innovate pharmaceutical quality formulations with establishment of safety, stability and efficacy to reduce human suffering. This R&D center specializes in value addition and providing specialized technical support to pipeline projects running in VMRC, India. It helps in creating value chain by identifying suitable academic partners and seeking collaborations with them. The objective is to achieve easily scalable technological solutions for unmet medical needs. This unit assists VMRC, India to have global presence through trained, empowered and highly motivated team and cross country collaborative ventures.

Focus Areas

  • Technical collaboration with Research Institutes in EU or outside EU
  • Collaborative research projects on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis
  • IP wealth generation from VPG
  • Nodal centre for identifying unmet medical needs
  • Extending regulatory support to research team in India

EZENUS: A Case study


VMRC, India in technical collaboration with VMRC, Germany developed first of its kind, sugar free stress relieving herbal candy EZENUS. The individual ingredients of EZENUS were known for its bitter properties and it was a challenge before scientists to develop stable product in candy form by masking the bitter after taste without using sugar. VMRC Germany team solved this problem. With the efforts of scientist at VMRC Germany, Ezenus was successfully launched in Indian market in the year 2013 and it became first OTC product for Venus Remedies Limited, India.