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  • “Business has only two functions – Marketing and Innovation”

    We truly abide by the above statement. Since conception, VENUS PHARMA GmbH has paved way for meeting the needs of its clients in full fledged manner. We are a dominant player in the Oncology Industry. Our strength lies in our strong manufacturing base in parenterals with international accreditations certifying our conformance to cGMP norms.

    We have the following feathers in our cap:

    • GMP Europe (INFARMED)
    • GMP Colombia(INVIMA)
    • GMP GCC
    • GMP Saudi Arabia
    • GMP Ukraine
    • GMP Kenya
    • GMP Uganda
    • GMP Ethiopia
    • GMP Sudan
    • GMP Zimbabwe
    • GMP Syria

    • GMP Yemen
    • GMP Iran
    • GMP Botswana
    • GMP TGA
    • GMP WHO
    • GMP Indonesia
    • GMP Nepal
    • GMP UAE
    • GMP Tanzania
    • GMP Bahrain
    • GMP Ivory Coast

    Venus Pharma GmbH is into marketing operations throughout the World for Injectable products and Research products.

    To sharpen its focus and enhance its customer reach in the market, Venus operates through sales and marketing divisions. Currently, it has 11 overseas offices:

    • SYRIA
    • YEMEN
    • CHINA
    • KENYA
    • PERU
    • UGANDA
    • USA

    We deserve to call ourselves a business epitome of Contract Manufacturing, In-house product development and Outlicensing. We ensure 100% satisfaction to our customers by:

    • Quality Products
    • Reasonable Prices
    • Best Service

    So, if you are looking for a range of quality & cost effective Generic products to meet your needs, we would surely serve you to beat the increasing competitive market.

  • “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”

    Venus Pharma GmbH (VPG) is well recognized as a high quality manufacturing company to many leading pharmaceutical firms in the World. Through our state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure high inclination towards quality systems while serving our esteemed partners.

    Venus Pharma GmbH is a company with multitude offerings simplifying a customer’s decision-making process. VPG offers EU CTD Dossiers for Europe & other regulated markets. Further, we have a varied range of one-of-a-kind products for the Rest of the World markets too. We are leveraging on this expertise to go global by exporting finished dosage products to various markets around the World.

    Please have a look at our offerings:


    We would like to invite various pharma professionals with an offer to experience:

    1. High-grade Quality Products
    2. Prompt Delivery
    3. Competitive Prices


    We have strong faith in our products & services & we surely match the confidence that people place in us. We have the means & methods to cater the World. Like a true service provider, we will do what is necessary to satisfy the needs of our priviledged customers.

  • With the assistance of our GLP accredited Research unit, Venus Medicine Research Center, we are developing CTD Dossier for parties situated in Europe & Rest of the World. VPG wholeheartedly welcomes any new opportunity to develop Dossiers as per the requirement of our esteemed clients.

  • In strict adherence to EU GMP rules & with complete confidentiality, Venus Pharma GmbH offers commercial development & manufacturing of generic products to companies situated all over World. Developing genuine & long term business relationships is the cornerstone of our strategy for making a firm hold of Venus.

    We have business skills, commitment & experience to cater the demands of European & other Markets for Site Variation. We recognize that for you to put your trust in our products & services, you expect us to be a custodian of your name & to exercise a fiduciary relationship with sense of responsibility & respect of your interests.

  • Venus Pharma GmbH is equipped with the following also:

    • Dedicated packaging area for Cephalosporins, Oncology and general category as per the requirement of European market.
    • Filling of tablets and capsules 10 to 1.000 pieces per package
    • Labelling of bottles, ampoules, vials, tins, cartons
    • Packaging of small batches by hand
    • Bundle packaging Cartonizing by machines
  • The Testing facilites offered by Venus Pharma GmbH includes the following:

    • Analytical testing of Raw Material and Finished Formulation
    • Control and batch testing of manufactured products
    • Storage and stability testing of batches according to ICH-guidelines
    • Development and Validation of Methods
    • Seperate testing provision for Anti-Cancer products as per European guidelines
  • We offer batch release facility of pharmaceutical formulations along with testing in our laboratories. QP services are available for batch release in Germany.